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Truly timeless, Elham & Issa Jewellery is designed with love and crafted with care. Created by visionary husband and wife team Issa Sabeh and Elham Kalaji, the exquisite pieces in their unique collections reflect the passion each feels for their life together and their craft.


From the beginning of their collaboration in 2007,
Elham and Issa's Jordanian cultural heritage has inspired their intricate fine jewellery. Contemporary yet classic, their signature style blends precious and semi-precious stones and 18k gold with traditions from their homeland and expert craftsmanship. 

Combining individual talents and appetite for the creative process, ‘from ink to gold’, Elham works with pencils, pastels and coloured inks to produce stunning sketches of her designs. A talented artist, Elham is commissioned to create individual bespoke pieces and will hand draw designs while listening to the inspirational thoughts of the client. Thoughtful touches with a signed gift card with a pencil drawing of the piece is included with each gift bag, a custom that reflects the brand’s warm Jordanian hospitality.


Issa visits all suppliers personally to ensure the quality of each stone used and all suppliers for diamonds are HRD and GIA certified. Once he sees a stone he likes, he returns to Elham with a selection so that she can begin the design process.


Elham & Issa employ 17 highly skilled and experienced craftsmen in a workshop close to their Amman boutique. Such is the devotion to detail and to their clients; they meticulously check each finished piece to make sure the polish and setting are exact. The brand only uses
18k gold sourced from highly respected suppliers in Jordan.

Elham Kalaji
Issa Sabeh

Elham Kalaji

Elham, whose name means ‘inspiration’ in Arabic, demonstrated an early talent for design and was encouraged by her mother to follow her desire to study the art of jewellery making. She graduated from the Kent Institute of Art and Design with a BA (Hons) in goldsmithing and silversmithing and returned to Jordan to work for a boutique jeweller for more than three years. Having the technical knowledge and skills to appreciate the jewellery making process, from sourcing stones to production and quality control in the work shop, Elham decided to leave the role to fulfil her desire to create and design her own fine jewellery line. Elham and Issa met when he interviewed her for a designer role.

Issa Sabeh

With more than 30 years of knowledge and experience, Issa discovered a passion for creating and designing jewellery as a young boy. His fascination with the process of turning metal into a piece of art led him from a summer job in a workshop in Jordan to joining the same company to train as a goldsmith after leaving school. Issa’s career took him to a large, respected jewellery company and while developing his jewellery making skills, he also took diplomas in Project Management and Marketing. Driven by developing new techniques, always striving to create entirely unique pieces, Issa combines his artistry with proven business acumen.

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